Tabitha Foundation Cambodia

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Improved Housing & Security

One of the gauge for improved life for Tabitha Families is when they start doing repairs of their houses.


Tabitha families have electric power for their lights at night



Tabitha Families are happy to have safe toilets.

Wells & Ponds

One of the desired dream of a Tabitha family is to have a well because through wells they can have more sources of income so they save for it.

Water Jars

Water Jars are big help to families and make water readily available for use.

Bicycles & Motorbikes

Tabitha children are happy to have their bikes and they are encouraged to study well and help the family.


Tabitha children can now go to school even if they are in remote areas.

Vegetables and Rice

Families earn a lot from vegetables & rice which add to their savings and eventually result to improved life.

Farming Equipment

The farming equipment that the Tabitha Families bought were helping them a lot to earn more than they earn before.

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