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October 2, 2017


Dear friends and partners,

It has been awhile since I have written – my trip to Canada was very good and my daughter Miriam is happily involved in her studies at university – a new beginning for Miriam – it’s also a new beginning for Tabitha – we have finished another year of service to so many families here.

Let me share what we have accomplished this past year and what we hope to achieve in this New Year. WE were blessed to be able to work with 15,546 families with 124,368 dependents through savings. As always there are miracle stories – stories such as Channy and her neighbors. This past year saw them receive a new home from Tabitha – they raised chickens and pigs, collected crabs and ants from the fields- buy bicycles and batteries – so many steps forward to a better life . How good that is!!



 We were blessed to be able to install 936 sources of water – water with which to grow food, raise animals and have better lives – how good is that!  We would like to do the same in this coming year – we can do so with your help.


Volunteers came from all over the world and built 769 houses impacting the Iives of 6,200 people. Houses that give a family a home, a place to belong – a space to build futures – how good is that! Over 7,000 families are in process of building their own homes – taking a step at a time –making space to have family times, times of laughter and joy as well as sorrow and determination. How good that is!



This year were we were  privileged to be able to complete 8 schools and 3 more schools are in process and almost complete – providing education for more than 44,000 children – children who are eager to learn – who are excited about learning to write – to understand the mysteries of numbers – to dream big dreams! How good that is! This coming year we plan to build 8 more schools – we would love your help to achieve that goal.


Cottage industry continues to provide work for 126 families – women’s whose life stories are filled with hurt and fear – cottage industry provides a safe haven – a place for them to be themselves – bright, funny intelligent women – women f grace and dignity. We are able to sell $400,000 USD this year and we look forward to making it $450,00o USD in the coming year. Work that allows the women to be mothers to their children, providing food, shelter and clothing but more importantly – a safe home to raise their children.  How good that is!



It has been a good year – a year of continued encouragement and dreams for so very many. This year we are trying something a little different – this year we will try and post a video every month on face book – video clips about the people we are so privileged to work with. Do go on our face book at Tabitha Foundation Cambodia and follow the families you stand with.

I am so grateful to my God for the honor of serving these people – I thank my God for each of you who help make this happen – I thank my God for all our staff – men and women who are faithful in their work – always encouraging others to live their dreams. How very good that is!



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