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April 2018


Dear friends and partners,

There is an age old question that no one seems to have an answer for – “what comes first, the chicken or the egg”. For Tabitha the question is easily answered – - Savings!!! - for  a clutch of chicks or a family of several hens and a rooster – or a group of goslings or two adult ducks!

Savings for families who live in poverty is a way to take a small amount and turn it into a bigger amount. Chicks, chickens or ducks is a good way to take a little and turn it into more.  Chicks start to lay eggs at 20 days - good chickens  lay everyday for about a year and then get a bit tired and lay every second day – roosters – well they like to rule the roost and every rooster needs their own space for peace to reign.


In the good times of the year when it’s not so hot and there are many local holidays – chickens and ducks are sold to buy clothes or water jars, or bicycles or pigs – or to have a wedding or pay for the birth of a child – there is always a clutch of chickens and ducks left at home to build up the numbers – chickens and ducks are good!


When chickens or ducks are sold to buy pigs, then another source of income begins. Starting with 2 pigs and raising them for 3 months is a good way to start – selling the porkers results in being able to buy a pregnant sow – which in a 3 months time results in 12 more little porkers  - all sold to buy several more pregnant sows and income becomes good.



Triple the incomes results in bigger purchases like a battery for electricity or materials to rebuild their homes or a rotor tiller for plowing their fields. So many possibilities.


Tabitha has the answer to what comes first – the chicken or the egg.
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I thank my God that He taught me to take my one talent and make it more – I thank my God that we have taught so many others to do the same – I thank my God for each of you who stood with us in this process. It cannot get any better.
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