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July 2018


Dear friends and partners,

This morning I was singing a song that I learned in my childhood – Blest be the tie that binds, our hearts in Christian love. What an appropriate song as I talk with the women who create our beautiful products in the cottage industry program.

The tie for us is the silk – colors and textures that reflect the great beauty of our women. It was not always so. Their lives speak of horrors and hurt that few of us can imagine. All were sold back in their youth – sold into a sex trade that dehumanized them – for some the lives long reward was contracting AIDS – an additional curse in lives that have so many curses.

Working with such a beautiful material – rich and vibrant colors – brings out their inner beauty so rich and vibrant in their current lives. They have become their own family – I am greeted every morning with big smiles and a happy good morning – often we ear laughter ripple through the building as they work together.



There is no self pity – no moaning about a life too difficult – there is no moaning about abusive spouses as they are now financially independent and no longer tolerate physical or mental abuse – there is a quiet pride that shines from their whole being as they watch customers come and buy what they have made – customers who marvel at their skill.


Another line that is so appropriate from this song is - Our fears, our hopes, our aims are one - a line that not only reflects their care for each other but also reflects the care of our many volunteers around the world who help to show and sell products made by these women. Singapore volunteers in particular – intimately share the fears and hopes for great sales and more orders – we all have the same aim – to bring life and dignity to women who had none in their early years.



Click this link to see a video of Tabitha Cottage Industry :

I thank my God for this great privilege in my life – for these women who bring grace and dignity to my life and to so many others. I thank my God for all our volunteers around the world who dare to dream and care for these women – I thank my God for every customer who has bought and appreciates the beauty of the product and the beauty of our women. How good is that!


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