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June 2021

Dear friends and partners,

 I have exciting news this beautiful day. Tabitha Canada is doing a Virtual Mission for Tabitha Cambodia starting July1 for the savings/partnership program. I would like to share the story of one of our families.

May 2021

Dear friends and partners,

 The past 6 weeks in Cambodia have been extremely difficult as the Covid virus with its variants has taken hold in the country. Up until then, Cambodia had relatively few cases of the virus but it has now multiplied to over 20,000 cases. The economic impact of the pandemic has been manifolding with many people losing their sources of income before the variant outbreak. Now that misery has been compounded by the disease affecting many people.

April 2021

Dear friends and partners,

 In this month of April, we celebrate Khmers New Year, a time when families get together throughout the country to be and rejoice together. But this year the Covid pandemic has struck Cambodia with a fierceness experienced in so many countries around the world and the New Year’s celebrations will be muted and quiet. For so many people in Cambodia the economic hardships that accompany the pandemic have many worried about where the next meal will come from.

January 2021

Dear friends and partners,

 The COVID-19 pandemic has started our year with economic hardships in this land of sorrows. Despite the issues revolving around the pandemic our children have returned to school. Mann Tola, is 15 years old and lives with his family in Svay Rieng Province. His family has been in the Tabitha savings programs for 6 years. In that time, they were able to save for small business, raise animals such as pigs, chickens and cows. Tola’s sister and himself got bicycles so that they could go to school.

 4 years ago, Tabitha helped to get a school for the village. Before that, school was held in a one room thatch building that was not very good. Each day the sun came through the broken thatch and on rainy days the students couldn’t go to school at all. The room was overcrowded as 634 students studied in that one room. The students found it difficult to learn very much.

December 2020

Merry Chritmas

Dear friends and partners,

 During this month of Christmas in the West – on behalf of the staff and families of Tabitha Cambodia – I would like to wish each of you Merry Christmas and the best in the Year 2021. It has been a hard year with the pandemic – a year of not knowing what the future will bring – a year of re-learning how to live our lives within the confines of a global pandemic.  

November 2020

 Dear friends and partners,

 During this Covid pandemic, news from Cambodia is not good. It is not the Covid virus that threatens the lives of many Cambodians, rather it’s the collateral economic virus that threatens so many in this country of sorrows. I have received a number of reports of families losing their land and their homes because of their inability to repay micro-finance loans because of jobs and incomes and their easy access to loans – loans that they don’t understand, loans that they are unable to repay. The current debt load per person is $3,800.00 USD – a staggering amount for the majority of people who earn less than $200.00 USD per month. It saddens me to hear again of children being sold, of land and homes being sold or seized – of lives lived precariously once again being destroyed.

October 2020

Dear friends and partners,

I would like to share the impact of our work in Tabitha Cambodia. Staff continue to work with 6,980 families – with 41,880 dependents. 

September 2020

Dear friends and partners,


Good morning to each of you. As life continues to be challenging during this Covid pandemic – Tabitha Canada Foundation decided to help out Tabitha Cambodia with a special fundraiser – it’s a Virtual Mission from Canada to Cambodia. How good this is!

Life in Cambodia is harsh as more than 60% have lost their jobs – there is no government social support to help our families. Tabitha Cambodia continues with savings, wells and schools – hoping that our other programs of house building and cottage industry will return in the year 2021.

Tabitha Canada has set a fundraising goal of $10,000 which will be matched dollar for dollar by a generous donor so the new goal is $20,000.00 – goal to walk is 13659 km of which over 1000 km have been achieved.

I personally have set a goal to raise $100,000 internationally by asking each of you to join us in this mission. I would like to see us walk to Cambodia and back. Tabitha Cambodia hearing of this mission decided to sign up – 40 of the staff, family and friends have begun the process. For many of you who have come – you know Heng, Apo, Thary, Sina and so many of our staff. How very good this is!

In order to facilitate the process for each of you – I ask that you make an initial donation through Tabitha Canada – see instructions below – after that please send donations through your local foundations. Come and Join us!

I thank my God for Tabitha Canada and their unfailing support – I thank my God for each of our foundations – people who volunteer their time and effort on behalf of the people in Cambodia. I thank my God for all our staff in Cambodia – their willingness to work hard and unfailingly doing this difficult time. I thank my God for each of you who have stood with us and continue to stand with us. How good that is!!




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July 2020

Dear friends and partners,


As the Covid virus continues to disrupt the lives of millions around the world, Cambodia continues to struggle as well. Many have lost their jobs because the tourism industry has come to a virtual halt; manufacturing is down to 40% - slowly the local markets are opening and many families are struggling to meet their daily basic needs. There is no government social net to help folks – no subsidies; no unemployment cheques; no means to keep life going except by turning to family for help and sustenance.


Despite the doom and gloom, families in Tabitha savings program live out the importance of savings – the impact and hope that it brings to thousands. In Lvear Village, Siem Reap, Dul Kimsan joined the savings program in 2017. Dul has 6 children – 3 of whom are married with several children of their own. They moved to the cities to work in factories and construction.

June 2020

Dear friends and partners,


It is good to be able to write during this trying time of the corona virus. Cambodia, like so many countries around the world, struggles to find a healthy balance between loosening restrictions for the population to be able to return to work while protecting the population from spreading the virus. In so many ways Cambodia is blessed as the virus has not taken hold and spread through communities but rather is brought in by travelers from many parts of the world (122 cases in total – all recovered) Keeping the borders closed is good but has devastated the tourism industry – an industry that had employed thousands of Cambodians. Businesses built on supplying the tourism industry has suffered greatly. A second important source of employment are the garment factories which had employed over 800,000 people – most are now closed – and life is very difficult and uncertain for so very many people.


What has become clear is how important and relevant the savings program is. I want to share a story from Kandal – Heng and Thearom visited last week and spoke with Nith Chanthon. She lives in Prek Taek ?Village, Kandal Province and joined the Tabitha savings program in April 2017. 


As she says” till now my family living is getting better from day to day through Saving Program including received Well from Tabitha. I am possible to planting vegetable, rice plants, and feeds animals. I have received profits to buy materials such as: Water jars Plates, Pots and Toilet and enlarge house built and especially my kids are going to school. “


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