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Tabitha-Cambodia declared as Official Overseas Charity of West Coast Eagles (AFL)


The famous West Coast Eagles of the Australian Football League (AFL) declared Tabitha-Cambodia as their Official Overseas Charity.


 Mike Gurry greets  Ms. Janne Ritskes, the Founder of Tabitha-Cambodia, A Happy Birthday as his email reads…..


“ I am pleased to let you know that we are launching a project to pay for 200 wells.

The Project is sponsored by Scott Sellwood who is a very talented footballer with the West Coast Eagles. 

He has decided to donate all the appearance and sponsorship money he receives to the project. This year it is estimated to be $15,000.

Scott is so popular that with the help of the West coast Eagles we are confident that we can raise another $15,000 making it $30,000 in all.

The players who came to Cambodia  last November were very moved by the trip and as a result West Coast have made Tabitha their Official Overseas Charity.

Scott has been named as the Club’s Ambassador for Tabitha. And a new CD and video will be released on mothers day as they launch the fund raising for another West Coast Eagles School.

The club has also decided to bring the next group of First and second year players on a house building trip in Nov 2014.”


Please browse at these links to follow them in their fruitful trips to Cambodia…..