Tabitha Foundation Cambodia

For tax deductible donations and  UK Government Gift Aid, you can donate via our charity partners in different countries.

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Apart from donations of money, your support and assistance in practical ways is also vital. Please click the button to know more.


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How to get involved:

       1.   Buy from the Tabitha Shop

                 *  on-line - email 

                 *  visit Tabitha Cambodia at #239, Str.51 (cnr Str.360), Boueng Keng Kong 1, Phnom Penh

                     Open from 8:00am til 5:30pm, Monday til Saturday

      2.   Join or create a House-Building team - click here for details

      3.   Fund-raise

                 *  for wells for families and farmers

                 *  to support our families through the savings program - US$20 sustains one family for a year

      4.   Like us on facebook

      5.   Sign-up to receive our Newsletter and forward to friends - spread the joy of the Tabitha message