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Welcome to Tabitha Foundation Cambodia

The reporting in this website starts at September 2012.

For the fiscal year Sept 2017 to Aug 2018, Tabitha has 13,038 families with 104,304 dependents 

Overall, Tabitha has made an impact on  570,799 families with 4,566,392 dependents

Recent Newsletters

September 2018

Dear friends and partners,

This is the month when we reflect on the year that has passed. When we look at what our families have accomplished our hearts are humbled and thankful for all that has been achieved. I am very aware of how I take life and its gifts for granted – sometimes I think I am entitled to these gifts. I live amongst people for whom these gifts are not a right – gifts such as decent food each day - are not guaranteed - so I have learned that all these things I take for granted are really privileges that I must cherish and honor.

Did you know that we review the progress of our families on a monthly basis. We break achievements down into manageable markers. Let me share some of these.

We measure Basic Necessities – things like better food where our families are able to eat a balanced diet throughout the day. We measure things like cooking pots and pans, or better clothing.


Water sources

The Tabitha WATER program runs in parallel with the “Community Development through Savings” program. This program enables families to have access to clean, potable water and to raise a family’s income significantly.


Nokor Tep Women's Hospital - A key vision of the Tabitha Foundation is to ensure better health.