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Happy Families/People

The smiles of these people/families showed contentment and happiness. Their eyes glow and their faces full of joy because every after ten weeks they will have something new for their improvement. They are also excited to think of another dream for them to fulfill.

Pots, Pans & Drinking Glasses

Having pots,pans and drinking glasses is JOY to Tabitha Families.

Better Food & Rice Supply

Unlike before, when they don't know whether they will eat in a day or not,  Tabitha families can eat three meals a day now and have supply of rice for 3 mos.

Radio or TV & Fans

It is really fulfilling for Tabitha Families to have a radio or a TV where they can hear or watch the news or a talk show while feeling the air from the fan while resting.

Cabinets, tables & chairs

You can ask a Tabitha Family how it feels to have a cabinet where they can keep their clothes and valuables....tables & chairs where they can sit and eat together.

Clothes,Blankets & Towels

See the smiles of Tabitha Kids when they have new clothes, blankets & towels.

Ice Chest & Watch Clocks

Tabitha Families can now have cold water and can know the time.

Beds, Sleeping Mats & Mosquito Nets

Tabitha Families can now sleep comfortably making them ready for the next day's work.

Basic Necessities

When Tabitha Families started to understand things and change their mind set, they can have all of the basics and they move on to higher level of improvement.

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